Easy Ways to Style a Ramadan Table

There’s a spiritual beauty that comes with making your guests feel appreciated and inspired — especially now in the midst of Ramadan, and with Eid around the corner! After all, community and caring for one another are at the core of Islam. Whether for Iftars, Suhoors, or upcoming all-day Eid feasts with family or friends, check out some of our ideas for styling your table:

1. Table Runner

One of the easiest ways to add noticeable flair to your Ramadan spread is to add a stylish table runner. The runner elongates your table while adding warmth, texture and color. Thankfully table runners come in varied shapes, lengths, and styles – make it your own! For example, you can choose a runner that folds or scrunches for added texture, or lay one flat for a crisp, clean look. 

Or fold our tablecloth for an easy runner with a mosaic pattern.

2. Dried Plants

We love pieces that can be recycled and reused yearly, so long as you innovate and keep things fresh. Find a lovely arrangement of plants and/or flowers that you’ll continue to enjoy and reuse year after year; something timeless. For example, many of us have dried flower bouquets that have been around for years, or succulents or other easy-to-maintain greenery. Consider high quality faux plants, too!

For a fresh look, choose simple florals with long stems to add elegance without overcrowding the presentation. Remember: less is more.

3. Natural Textures

If you haven’t tried using pampas in your decor this year, we highly recommend incorporating them into your table! They’re sure to be a simple, beautiful addition to any classy table. They project a natural and rustic feel while remaining formal and tasteful. 

Be sure to pick up some twine and burlap to use as well. Perhaps burlap place mats, and twine to tie your dinner napkins. The simple textures and natural lines warmly lend themselves to your cozy arrangement, without doing too much work!

moroccan  lanterns

4. Focal Point

Every beautiful table needs its center, its star; a focal point. Our Moroccan mini lanterns add a soft glow to your table, to create a Ramadan vibe with very little effort. Use different sizes for depth and dimension! Here’s another cute and simple addition to any table: place printed (or hand-written) cards with the Iftar dua’a or with a spiritual reminder. 

Don’t forget our famous  Moon & Star platter for the perfect centerpiece! Fill it with dates, nuts, and dried fruits – even dried flowers! This Ramadan, experiment and let your creativity run wild!

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5. Keep it monochrome 

I know we love color, but simplicity is key with your Ramadan table scape. Try to be as monochrome as possible with your color coordination. The easiest way to make sure not too much is going on is to keep all of your choices within shades of the same color. For example, the spectrum from off-white to gold is always an elegant eye-catcher! 

We can’t wait to see your Iftar tables this Ramadan! Remember to share your beautiful creations by tagging us at @DaysofEid!

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