Our Story

Days of Eid is an American-Muslim family owned business that was founded to fill the need for well designed, high quality Eid decorations for Muslim families. 

We believe in the value of nurturing a home that inspires meaning in our children’s everyday lives, and connects them to who they are. 

Days of Eid was born out of a very common struggle many of us Muslims experienced as children and continue to experience as we grow into adulthood and have children of our own. Around the Islamic holidays, Founder Reem Sayes saw her fellow Muslim mothers making elaborate DIY decor year after year,  instead of just being able to buy it -- and decided to do something about it. 

It all started with one product, the Eid Mubarak LED sign, sold locally and on our website starting in 2016.

Today almost 5 years later, Days of Eid has grown significantly and its products have reached six continents. We are extremely delighted and proud to serve Muslims globally. Days of Eid has also been featured in media publications such as Haute Hijab, Houzz, and Forbes. For Days of Eid, the future is as bright as that first light as we continue empowering Muslims’ identities everywhere.