Ways to Use Days of Eid for Summer Wedding Events

The era of Covid has changed the way we approach so many things, and weddings are not exempt from this phenomenon. There will be more than 2.5 million weddings in 2022, the most in a year since 1984. With the rise of micro weddings, and more and more couples choosing to host at home, we are finding creative ways to make wedding events special on our own. Days of Eid products can help you add that extra touch to your wedding events, especially if you are looking for details that incorporate your heritage and traditions. 

1. Think out of the box with Door Decor

For your own twist on trendy gold art frames use our Door Wreath as an arch shaped backdrop for a cake, dessert table, or even buffet table. The mihrab shape fits right in with other cultural elements, especially at a henna or mehendi party. Placing the Door Decor on your mantle makes a great focal point at an engagement or kitab party in your living room. 

Adding lettering on a piece of glass or mirror behind the wreath would make a super unique entrance sign as well. Designed to look like Islamic architecture, it's a minimal way to transport your guests to another place. We especially love how our Door Decor looks with carved wooden room dividers that are often used as backdrops. 

Photo by Avonne Stalling from Pexels

2. Foolproof Lanterns

Lanterns have always been a party staple, and our authentic Moroccan patterned lanterns are a step-up from the basic rustic ones that everyone else has. With intricate Islamic Art details that make an impact, spacing these lanterns out around your home or backyard can turn your everyday spaces into a venue.

You can't go wrong adding a warm glow and sparkle along an aisle or staircase.  The three different sizes are perfect for creating dimension on a stage or foot of a sweetheart table. 

For great table centerpieces, fill our Moroccan Floor Lanterns with flowers like baby's breath. Or use our Mini Lanterns along a table runner for rectangular set-ups. This helps create the right atmosphere for backyard picnic style events.  To tie it all together, hang our Lantern String Lights on your dessert table backdrops

Ever versatile, the bright pinks and purples and luxe greens and blues also match with the traditional bright colors of a pre wedding dholki/henna. It's an easy way to make DIY home set ups look super put together! 

Photo by Annie Spratt

3. Serve Treats in Style

Everyone gets hype for a well set up dessert table! Some special serveware like our Marrakech Acrylic Trays can add color and authentic patterns to the set up. The classic Moon and Star Platter is a unique shape to arrange desserts on, especially if you're going for traditional desserts.  

4. String Lights Done Right

Covering your home with sparkling lights is a wedding tradition for many cultures, even when not hosting events. Our Moon and Star String lights can cover a large area, for example a staircase or a large wall, or even over backyard seating

Consider switching out the commonly used fairy lights of wedding light curtain backdrops with our Moon & Star Lights for a more celestial look. Or hang our Lantern String Lights from the ceiling, staggered through the hall to go for a more immersive look. 

Photo by Shelly Pence on Unsplash

For more inspo check out our #DaysofEidStyle Wedding Pinterest board! Remember to share your beautiful creations by tagging us at @DaysofEid!

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