5 Home Decor Trends We're Loving this Fall

This fall it’s all about textures! Whether it’s effortless plaster or fluffy couches there is something for everyone. With shorter days and more time at home, 'tis the season to make your home a place you won’t get sick of. 


The handmade and unfinished look is in! Raised plaster textures are showing up on coffee tables and minimal wall art. This works as great way to add to your space without interrupting its color palette. It's also something that you can easily DIY and customize to your taste. 

On a smaller scale, irregular vases and tableware can have a similar effect. Just like wavy mirrors, these sculptural pieces add something interesting for the eye. Modern and different, these pieces look best paired with patterned pieces like checkered rugs and our Marrakech Acrylic Trays. If you're willing to invest in some timeless pieces, handmade ceramics are the way to go. They won't go out of style and you would be supporting small businesses in the process. 

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2. Abstract Branch Arrangements 

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Maybe an effect of the DIY baking soda paint hack from last year, stone vases are here to stay. The most recently trending pieces are earthenware weathered vases, especially with long abstract branch arrangements. While we still love a great pampas branch, consider changing it up this fall with some foraged foliage from outside, or even some dried eucalyptus. To go with the weathered look, look for rustic wooden pieces and linen details.

3. EXTRA CoZY Upholstery

Talk about warm vibes, these fluffy wool pieces are everywhere. Boucle couches, chairs, and even ottomans are super popular right now. 

To get the same effect without shelling out the coin for an chair or couch, look for some boucle pillows and throws to add to your living room. You can never have too many cozy furniture pieces for fall, and throw pillows are a great way to change it up without committing. 

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4. Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are popping up in many forms. This started out with fluted glassware, commonly seen in Nordic hygge style rooms. Wooden wall panelling is a more natural Japanese style take on this visual element. Adding wooden dowels to furniture and walls is a DIY challenge you might consider taking on. Or grab a pleated lampshade to try the style out in your space.

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5. Cane accents

Last year, Rattan furniture was everywhere. Wicker basket walls and woven elements were all over our feeds. This continues with cane chairs and cabinets. It's a more subtle way to bring natural textures into a modern space. Mid century modern pieces like the cesca chair or these black lounge chairs are one way to incorporate this vibe your home.

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Photo by Nathan Oakley on Unsplash

For more ideas on how to decorate your space, check out our Fall Trends Pinterest board,  and follow us on instagram @DaysofEid! 

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