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Empty walls are no fun! An inexpensive and easy way to refresh your home is by adding interesting wall decor that inspires you. Back in the day, there weren't many ways to display your culture throughout your home besides bringing something from the homeland. Now, there are so many options for Islam inspired prints that you can buy framed, or to download digitally and print to your own dimensions. Like every other detail in your home, the art you choose can say a lot about you. Celebrate your culture and who you are with these great prints.

1. For the modern neutral look 

Art doesn't have to take over your space. If you've been really into white interiors and neutral color palettes, look into minimal pieces from SheVisionsStudio to brighten your home. Other shops to check out for the look are SimpleLineDraw , QUOTEx, and JasminePrintArt.

Photo by SheVisionsStudio on Etsy

Photo by SimpleLineDraw on Etsy

Photo by JasminePrintArt on Etsy

2. To add some color to your space

For the fans of color and patterns, you can't miss MimarSinanStudio. Their designs are bold and intricate enough to bring something interesting to any room. For a more modern take, look into ErumKhalili's beautiful architectural drawings that feature a sun motif. This drawing of Madina's cityscape is also a great option.


Photo by MimarSinanStudio on Etsy

Photo by ErumKhalili on Etsy 

3. Vintage and classic  

Want a more antique and classic vibe? Historic maps can be super meaningful when they are of significant places, culturally or personally. A great example is this map of Palestine print from PaliRoots. Salam Sanctuary combines islamic patterns and calligraphy with gorgeous maps. Alternatively, you can look into vintage pictures from these same places or even architectural sketches. These calligraphic prints of Surah Al Isra look almost like something you would find in a museum. Or check out Art of Islamic Illumination for gilded islamic patterns for your space. 


Photo by PaliRoots

Photo by Society6

There are so many options, and so many ways to decorate, but make sure you're staying true to you! For more wall inspo, check out this Pinterest board and follow us @DaysofEid.

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