3 Ways to Style our "Moon and Star Platter"

Appetizers! Appetizers! Appetizers! Who doesn't love a good little bite to hold you off until the main meal or to whet your appetite. The beauty of the appetizer is it lets you experience a number of distinct flavors without getting full or over eating. It's a taste test, a sampling of blessings on a platter right at your fingertips. Just think about how enjoyable it is to shop around on the weekend at Costco or Sam's Club knowing at some point you'll turn the corner in the aisle and be greeted with a slice of cheese or a refreshing piece of fruit. You don't need to wait for the samples to come back to Costco or to go to a sit down restaurant either to enjoy an appetizer either. Bring the excitement and creativity of appetizers into your home for you, your family, or for your guests to enjoy. 

Cook with Dena and Days of Eid partnered up to demonstrate 3 creative ways to style your Moon and Star Platter for any event. Or for yourself, if you're ever feeling the need to spice up your daily piece of fruit, or want to encourage your kids to eat more veggies. The unique curved shape of the platter draws your gaze to artistry of the finished wood and the smooth movement of the pointed edges. It can be a little intimidating styling a platter which isn't in a traditional circular or rectangular shape. That's why we're here for you every step of the way with 3 popular types of platters, 1) A Charcuterie Board, 2) Eid Desserts, and a 3) Fruit Platter.

charcuterie board

Let's start with a crowd favorite and trending style. The word "charcuterie" specifically refers to cold-cuts of meat, fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the refrigerator. So a traditional charcuterie board will normally have only meat...but what fun is that? Our charcuterie tutorial includes cheese and fruit and more :) 

Charcuterie Platter, Days of Eid

Tip 1: place your sturdiest items first on the board. Dena started with a sliced stacked apple and a bowl of honey. Then added in other larger items like the bread and cheese. Finally she filled in the gaps with pops of color and small bites like nuts and pickles. 

Tip 2: think about taste as you're placing your items on the board. The pickles are next to the cheese and turkey, while the chocolate chips are by the apple. 

Eid Desserts

Eid Ul-Adha is a few weeks away marking the end of Hajj on the 10th day of Dhul-Hijjah. This would be a time to celebrate the commencement of the sacred Hajj pilgrimage and the new hajjaaj would be greeted with a hajj party at home. You can still celebrate the hajj journey, even if you weren't able to go this year, your intention was still set and that's every reason to show gratitude and celebrate!

Eid Dessert Platter, Days of Eid

Share your Eid desserts with us! Our board includes a Palestinian classic, ma'amoul, and an international favorite, Turkish Delight. The sweets on this board are in basic shapes ovals, squares, and rectangles. 

Tip: make use of the space between the crescent platter and the star platter. Add flower petals or greenery to compliment the colors and style of your board. 

Fruit Platter

Fruit is the perfect snack to satisfy any sugar craving for you or your family. Cut-up fruit is just more appealing than whole fruit sitting in a basket. You don't have to think about washing it or wonder if you'll finish the whole fruit. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead. Prep the fruit that you know you'll want to eat later, even if it's just a small piece. The kids will also be able to help themselves without your help! And you won't have to find a half eaten apple under the couch later.

Moon Star Platter Days of Eid

Tip: keep your strawberries fresh by leaving them whole and patting them dry after you wash them. Choose fruits that keep longer if you're putting out the platter for an extended period of time. Partially peeling the fruit is one way to preserve them. 

Good luck and share your designs with us on Instagram @daysofeid.


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