4 Tips To Get Your Home Fall-Ready!

letterboard with quran verse and candle on a marble table in front of lantern string lights

September has officially begun and Fall is around the corner! 

Sure, the leaves aren’t changing colors yet but has anyone else noticed that the air is different? Those crisp breezes carry the promise of apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, and chunky knit sweaters. 

This year, due to the pandemic, we’ll probably be spending the majority of the Fall indoors. So now, more than ever, it’s important to bring the Fall spirit INDOORS!

Who said you can’t homeschool or work from home while basking in that Fall mood? We compiled some easy tips for transitioning your home for Fall:

1. Texture, texture, texture

Nothing says Fall like coziness. Use some sort of textured throw in your decor: we recommend this Rae Dunn mustard fleece from Homegoods

I love the fact that it says ‘BLESSED’ for that spiritual touch. You can also use a chunky knit blanket if you want to integrate even more texture!

Morrocan lanterns in front of letterboard and fall dried florals , knit blanket and with the word blessed

Don’t have a throw? Repurpose a warm-toned shawl or a really wide scarf/pashmina (we know all you hijabis have one hidden somewhere) as a casual throw. Tassels are a plus!

2. Dining Table Centerpiece:

Moon and Star platter with pumkins and succulents for fall

The dining room also needs some Fall TLC! Accompany those snug family dinners with a Fall-inspired centerpiece. The Days of Eid Moon and Star Platter is perfect for multi-use as centerpiece (but with an Islamic touch). Fill yours with Fall pieces like orange leaves, apples, or acorns. Going along with the pumpkin theme, we used these fake felt pumpkins (again: texture, texture, texture!) in beautiful light pastel tones from Hobby Lobby.

3. A Scent-sational Fall Candle:

Fall is all about the senses: the sound of leaves crunching, the feeling of a cold wind, the scent of a distant bonfire. That’s why we recommend buying a Fall candle and burning it all season to keep your home continuously smelling delicious.

4. Go with your favorite smell!

I usually choose fresh apple or sweet roasted marshmallow scents. But this year, I switched it up and went with Pumpkin Butter. Mostly because this candle from Homegoods was too cute! The color was a perfect and subtle pop in my living room. If you want to upgrade this tip, use a wood wick candle for that crackling bonfire sound.

Some spiritual inspo

What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

For me it’s the leaves.

Their vibrant colors, how they crunch, how they smell, how they drift down from the treetops. I wanted to remind myself and my children the source of all the Fall magic, our Creator, Allah SWT, so I put up the verse: “not a leaf falls but that He knows it” [6:59] on a wood letter board (mine is from Target).

Along with the spiritual meaning this brings our home, I felt the chestnut wood added a touch of Fall warmth. You can add this personal touch to your home as well by choosing a verse, quote, or hadith that inspires awe in God’s creation! 

letterboard with quran verse and candle on a marble table in front of lantern string lights

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