5 Creative Fall Activities You Should Try!

  1. It’s October! Anyone else so incredibly excited for the season unfolding around us? SubhanAllah, it feels like every time I look outside, the trees outside look different. The transition from sweltering Summers to frigid Winters here! As the cold weather begins to creep up on us, I’m sure we’re all trying to soak up as much of this weather as we can. We put together a great list of Fall-time activities that are covid-friendly, fun, and perfect  for you to try with your loved ones this season!

1. The Annual Classic: Apple-Picking

  1. This one’s obvious. Apple-picking is outdoors, hands-on, and screams festivities. Both kids and adults can enjoy it. If you haven’t gone yet, get your apples before they’re out of season! My favorite part of apple-picking is wearing my most Fall outfit: combat boots, jeans, a slouchy sweater, and even a plaid button down tied around my waist. Make sure to stock up on apple cider and pumpkin donuts on your way out!
Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels


2. At-Home Bonfire & S’mores!

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

This can be done outside (a bonfire pit in the backyard) or inside (fireplace). Grab all the pillows around the house and set up a comfy lounging area. Make the marshmallow roasting and s’more assembling even more aesthetic by plating it on the Days of Eid Moon and Star Tray. This is a perfect nighttime activity with family or even for a small girls nights hangout at home. And if you don’t want the night to end, put on a movie to kick back and watch by the fire. My favorite series for the warmer seasons are Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls.

3. A Nature Hike, but upgraded.

  1. There is nothing like a good hike. Now that the weather is slightly cooler, it’s the perfect time for wandering down long and winding forest trails. Make it a complete outing by incorporating some quintessential hiking activities. Bird-watching is one option but my personal preference is “tree-sighting.” Yup, I made that term up. But the idea is to take a booklet, print an infographic, or download an app on a Fall hike that will help you identify the trees on the trail. Tree-guide.com is a great, comprehensive resource. Trees can be identified by their leaves, their trunks, and so much more! As the leaves change and take on so many forms and colors, it’s great to know what kinds of trees are in your area. 
  2. TIP: It’s so fun to select leaves of different colors and, if you take the leaves home, you can use them for crafts later. Most importantly, soak mother nature in. Fall is a magical, magical time.


4. Get Competitive With a Bake-Off

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

This is a great activity with family or friends. Split people into groups and assign a Fall recipe they each have to recreate. For a challenge, I recommend this Sticky Apple Upside Down Cake from @fufuinthekitchen. If you will be having younger kids participating and don’t want to do anything involving heat, these vegan no-bake Date Bars are perfect!

 TIP: Have kids who can’t seem to do anything without arguing? Put them in a group. If they’re competitive, they’ll have no choice but to get along!

5. Go for a Drive

  1. Listen. I know what you’re thinking. "A drive? Seriously? I’m a mom-- I’m chauffeuring the kids everywhere all day long already." Mhm, I hear you on that one! But imagine this. A scenic road with trees full of color on either side, uplifting sing-along music,, lots of blankets for the kids in the back, and some hot cocoa and coffee to go for you and your spouse. The perfect Saturday morning! And if you want to make the most of driving, end your journey with an outdoor picnic at a destination of your choice. TIP: Time your drive so that you can watch the sunrise or sunset!
  1. Having fun and staying safe don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This fall has already shown us how gorgeous it is and thankfully, nature is outside and open to all. So get out there!  If you try any of our fall activities, tag us @DaysofEid.

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